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Contact Points: Birmingham Picture Library: 14 St Bernard’s Road, Olton, B92 7BB Email: info@positivelybirmingham.co.uk Tel: 0121 765 4114 Mobile: 07973 379050 Cookie policy - none incorporated on this website.
Walking tour donations April-June 2022 We support Sifa Fireside, with money raised on tour going to this Digbeth-based charity working on homeless issues. We donated £2,460 for our April to June 2022 tours. This includes donated guide fees and guest donations for earphones and ACME whistles. See the full list of donations since 2016 here…
Sat 13.30: Canals and Victorians to today’s city Sun 13.30: Discovering Birmingham New: Red Brick Heart & Soul: Sat 10.00. University of Birmingham Campus. New: Great Western Arcade and PopUp Museum walking tour. See here….
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‘Pop-Up’ Museum & Shop No. 6 Great Western Arcade Invention & Design walking tour. We take a short walking route and then look at museum pieces to tell this amazing story. Our books on sale: Positively Birmingham, Discovering Birmingham and Invention & Design; Elkington of Birmingham. ACME whistles: Specially commissioned range of the worlds most famous sporting whistle - the ACME No. 58. First produced in the Jewellery Quarter in 1884.
Great Western Arcade Museum Tour A walk around Great Western Arcade and St Philip’s Square. Then look at the PopUp museum artefacts. Just £5 for adults with students children FREE. Book here…...
University of Birmingham Campus Tour Download leaflet here… Launching during Heritage Week, 9 -18 September. Book now with very special prices. Book here….
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