University of Birmingham staff on tour.
Newman University meets Thomas Attwood
Sixty-five Polish students listen to the guide on audio receivers as they walk  the ‘secret canal’.

School and University Tours

We offer bespoke school and university tours aligned to your curriculum

needs. Birmingham is a great city for an educational visit at every level. From

learning how to investigate by personal experience for Key stage 1 to looking

at the complex issues of the modern built environment for University study;

Birmingham has so much to offer.

We work with you by building key curriculum features into an exciting and memorable experience. Jonathan Berg, author of Positively Birmingham, photographer and retired University of Birmingham professor oversees our tours to offer our own unique exploratory style. Adapted to your students Key Stage 1 & 2: An inquisitive approach with first-hand observation teaching fundamentals of exploring our surroundings. Birmingham offers a wealth of human and physical geography. For example, we look at different transport systems and historical development through to the changing city all around us and the pressures being addressed for the future. Reasons Birmingham became a centre of the Industrial Revolution are considered. Information is adapted appropriately to suit the age of people on tour. Key Stage 3 & 4: We use human and physical environment to explore how Birmingham has developed. We see the way the natural world and built environment interact. We can contrast our experience with another world city. We look at current issues being addressed such as car pollution and changes in retail. We look at practical examples such as the introduction of the clean air zone to the opening of the ‘world’s largest Primark’! Key Stage 5, Degree and Post-Doc Tours: We have run high level content tours – from visiting Geography and town planning professors and MSc students to addressing variations in A level syllabus, we will adapt to suit. Start and Finish Points Arriving by Train: We can start at New Street or Moor Street/Snow Hill with exciting routes in place. Arriving by coach and minibus: The Library of Birmingham is a great start and finish with coach/minibus set down in Cambridge Street behind the Library. Live Audio: We use a live audio system for older students where every student is given an audio receiver and earphones to hear the tour guide. This means that larger groups can hear every word as well as giving important H&S benefits on tour. Tour Timing: An ideal tour time is between 1 and 2 hours depending on the age of the students and tour content. Adding to Your Visit: For parties travelling to the city we can help with suggestions for other things to see and do. We can suggest visits to themed museums that help understand aspects learnt on tour - you can end with a lunch-pack venue that then becomes the next part of your visit. Cost: For educational tours charges please email us:
Live audio enables large groups to ‘hear every word’.