Access Statement of Intent

We work to provide high standards of service as the Positively Birmingham Walking Tours develop and promote equality of opportunity. Guided tour groups comprise people of all abilities accompanied by a trained guide. At the start of every tour we run through the back page of the aide memoir - 'Ensuring an enjoyable tour' which includes aspects relating to participants individual needs, expectations and access. Language and Hearing Tours are designed to have visual aspects and a clear commentary. Guides are trained in the art of speaking in what can sometimes be noisy parts of the city. We ask for feedback that participants are able to hear the commentary. Where understanding spoken English is limited we can supply a written summary in plain English. Commentaries in other languages might be available with prior notice.   You are welcome to bring an interpreter or a British Sign Language Interpreter on the tour. Please ask your interpreter to make themselves known to the guide at the start of the tour. The guide will then aim to work with you to ensure good positioning throughout to optimise communication. Physical Access Our first walking tours are around 3 km if fully covered, undertaken in 1 3/4 hours. Stair-free routes can be taken if required. There is a roving bridge in Gas Street Basin which is suitable for walking but not for wheeled transport but an alternative route can be planned. Tour guides assess the ability of participants to undertake the walk at the start and alter the itinerary appropriately. There is an accessible toilet on the route.  There is always building work being undertaken in central Birmingham and this sometimes requires route changes.  Please always contact us by email to discuss specific issues relating to coming on the walking tours in a wheelchair. Visual Impairment The tour has both visual and descriptive content.  For those who have visual impairment the guide can increase the amount of description. Please Ask Our Advice If you have any concerns about the suitability of the tour for your own circumstances please email us to discuss. Carers For those requiring a carer to accompany them a free carer place is offered. If you want to book on the tour with a carer please book yourself on and then email us to inform that you will be bringing a carer with you. Feedback Welcome We work to make our tours accessible and take advice from organisations that promote access in the city. We welcome your input to discuss individual requirements. If you have been on the Positively Birmingham Walking Tour and would like to feedback to us then please do email us. Birmingham Picture Library, 2016-17, Updated 30th June 2020
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