Walking Tours Donations Our interactive tours encourage an active lifestyle and an interest in Birmingham.  Our tour guides have a real commitment to showing the city in an informative and friendly style. If you have been on tour with us we hope that came across loud and clear! Like many cities we have homeless people on our city streets, with others living in poor conditions and in need of support. One aim of our tours is to create interest in these issues and awareness that there are organisations working on  these matters. We make donations based on a proportion of our turnover to help work among the homeless, giving at least 10%, sometimes much more, of the ticket price to the charity Sifa Fireside. This Digbeth based organisation works on acute and longer-term issues of homelessness in Birmingham. Several people who have come on tour with us have been inspired to volunteer at Sifa Fireside.  Since our tours commences in July 2016 we have made the following donations to Sifa Fireside July 2016 £250 October 2016 £225 Total 2016 £ 475 February 2017 £460 August 2017 £500 September 2017 £500 October 2017 £500 Total 2017 £1960 January 2018 £200 June 2018 £650 September 2018 £700    [£500 PopUp] Total 2018 £1550 January 2019 £700 March 2019 £800 [£175 PopUp] Find out more about Sifa Fireside here….