Coronavirus and Positively Birmingham Walking Tours As a an organised event run by a business that has full Covid-19 security measures in place, we are able to continue to run our public and private tours under new guidelines. Key changes from advice issued on 22nd September 2020 by the Prime Minister mean that: - No group on tour must exceed 6 people with 30 maximum. We will continue to ensure that groups within the tour are kept at least 2 metres apart. The total number on a tour must not exceed 30 people - in practice we never approach this number. - Different bookings must be kept Covid-19 distances apart - for us a minimum of 2 metres. We will demonstrate this at tour start. - Mask wearing - masks our now mandatory indoors. For us this impacts on our Saturday Tour 1 when we go through the mailbox. - Email addresses - We will already have email addresses of the person who booked tickets. We now need to collect additional emails to ensure track and trace can directly contact individuals who have come on a walking tour if required. Our approach to Covid-19 Security We have undertaken risk assessments and audits as we prepared to reopen our walking tours in July. In particular we have undertaken a full audit under the ‘We’re good to go’ business mark overseen by Visit England. We continue to comply with updates as they are issued. We put a very clear emphasis on Covid-19 secure operating when we reopened and this continues. Reviews on our TripAdvisor review site show that the public who have come on tour with us have really appreciated this approach and feel very safe with regard to Covid-19 security. See here…... We have updated the H&S assessment as new Government advice has come out, with the most recent being Wednesday 22nd September 2020. Our interpretation of this is that our maximum numbers on tour have now reduced to 15 - including guides. Tour 1 & 2: These tours have been reintroduced but tours 3 and 4 have not as they did not pass our Covid-19 assessment. This is how it works on tour: 1. At the time of booking and also on the day of the tour clear advice will be sent to our ‘guests’ on safe Covid-19 operating procedures. This includes asking if any people booked on tour have symptoms of Covid- 19 and also clearly explaining the procedure for arriving on tour and how we conduct Covid-19 safe operations during the tour. 2. Each booked group will be kept separate at the start, during and at the end of the tour. No group will exceed 6 people in a ‘bubble’. 3. Start of tour: Groups come to meet guide and take an audio unit directly from the container. Guests plug in their own earphone jack or we provide a new pair which they keep at end. Email addresses are taken if not already on the guest list - applies in particular to Tripadvisor bookings and also bookings where the booking email does not adequately represent the people on that ticket. 4. Social distancing: Each group will be no more than six people. By use of the live audio units everyone can maintain at least 2 metres between each other and much more if required. Guides and Assistant Guides will give clear instructions to ensure spacing of ‘bubbles’ is at least 2 metres apart. A 2 metre distance will be demonstrated at the start of the tour by the Guide. 5. Face masks: Guides may wear face masks at tour start. However once the audio system has been given out guides and guest are not required to wear masks but can of course if they wish. Guests may or may not wear face masks. Alcohol hand wash is available at the start and end of the tour. 6. Routes: Our tours have been redesigned with routes that are less likely to meet crowds and at present we do not go indoors. 7. End of tour: Used audio units are placed in a box to be cleaned and then quarantined 7 days before reuse. Any books or Acme whistles handed out are taken directly from the box by the guest. You can read our latest risk assessments and H&S audits here…. Advice Updated: 8th July, 11th August , 9th September & 22nd September 2020
Our live audio means you can listen to the guide from a distance. Ideal for social distancing and keeping different groups separate on tour.
•	Social distancing using our live audio system - we still get a feel of a walking tour but also maintain our Covid-19 space.