Coronavirus and Positively Birmingham Walking Tours Advice updated: Friday13th March 2020 and superceded on Monday 16th March 2020 Summary Positively Birmingham Walking Tours has reviewed current advice with regard to running public and private walking tours in Birmingham city centre Our tours will continue to run but we are putting in place several changes to ensure that we are doing everything we can to minimise any risks due to Coronavirus. We will review all future advice from the Department of Health and UK Government and ensure that we fully comply. H&S talk by guide at tour start must include Check for anyone who has come on the tour who fulfils the criteria for self-isolating. Anyone saying yes will be asked not to come on tour and they will get a refund. Ask that people maintain a ‘social distance’ of 1 m from fellow guests. If anyone is concerned about the audio device then offer to wrap it in a new single-use ZipLock bag. Changes to tour conduct to minimise risk of Coronavirus spread Our walking tours offer group experiences for members of the public and also private groups. With the advent of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have reviewed aspects of our walking tours by undertaking a specific H&S assessment for this issue. You can see this here…. We are also monitoring the UK Government advice published here…..  and also more detailed advice here….  Visit Britain offers advice here….. Where no UK guidance can be found then we have used WHO guidance to underpin our way forward and you can see that here….. Changes to our tours effective Monday 9th March 2020: High risk guests who should be self-isolating The BBC website has a clear definition here…….  -Everyone with flu-like symptoms - defined as a fever of above 37.8C or a persistent cough - is being asked to self-isolate for seven days. -Anyone who has travelled to an affected area, or who has been in close contact with an infected person, has already been asked to self-isolate for 14 days. -Spending 15 minutes within 2m (6ft) of someone with the virus, or having face-to-face contact, is judged as close contact and a significant risk. We will enquire if anyone fulfils the criteria of self-isolation. at the tour start and If so they  should not come on tour with us. Audio units The risk of the transfer of a virus from previous users of our device and lanyards is considered very low. We can provide a new ziplock bag that the device can be placed in with the earplug lead going through the end of the ZipLock. The bags enable all buttons to be pressed without physically handling the unit. Cleaning - the units and lanyards are serviced regularly including cleaning. The audio system offers a marked advantage for what may be considered the main risk on tour - that of proximity to other guests. Handling artefacts The artefacts that we normally share round the group will now be held up by the Guide and Assistant Guide but not passed around ‘Social distance’ between guests This is a key area to address as transfer of COVID-19 is presently thought to be similar to other viruses - by droplets from sneezing of an infected person. We will advice that guests should respect each other’s personal space with a social distance of at least 1 metre between guests. This is the distance WHO suggest to keep from people that are sneezing but we have decided to suggest it to our groups and the audio system facilitates that. Hand washing at tour end We will point to the excellent toilets in the REP and also the ICC and BMAG at tour end for our guests and staff to wash their hands.
Coronavirus and Positively Birmingham Walking Tours Advice updated: Monday16th March 2020 and Thursday 19th March Following today’s advice from HM Government we have taken all tours for the rest of March and April and May off sale. Everyone who had pre-booked with us has had a full refund as have the private tours. We will review the situation with regard to our June bookings and offer full refunds to everyone who has booked if they are not able to go ahead. However at present we have left our June tours up to book. For those who are self-isolating we have reduced the price of our book Positively Birmingham to just £9 delivered to you door! You Can order here….