Tour Guide Audio System We  continually work to improve our walking tour experience. We have now introduced an audio system onto Tour No. 2 - In the footsteps of Sir Edward Burne-Jones. This tour goes through very noisy parts of Birmingham and also visits very quiet locations such as Churches and also the Museum and Art Gallery. How it works The guide wears a microphone and transmitter and our guests are given a receiver at the start of the tour. The tour is live, but instead of the guide having to shout in noisy places or whisper in quiet locations we can communicate with everyone as if we are right next to them. We encourage ‘tourists’ to bring their own earphones but can supply a new pair which you keep at the end of the tour (£1 donation). Tour No. 1 and Tour No. 2 when busy We piloted this in Autumn 2017 when numbers are naturally lower on our tours  We have had a favourable response with unexpected benefits including: Hearing impaired guests have really appreciated the audio system. One person told us they expected to hear very little of the tour, but replacing their hearing aid with our earbuds they had to put up with the whole commentary! When people wander off we can keep in contact - a family decided to go to a doughnut shop recently but we could keep in touch! Keen photographers often move away from the tour group to get interesting shots - now they can do this and still hear the full tour commentary. Purchasing the Walking tour system We have had enquiries on how you can purchase the walking tour system and components  - both from other walking tour operators and  also for other uses. We hope to be able to offer these systems for sale in 2018.  If this is of interest please email us  for further details at: 
A  recent group with their audio units.
The audio receiver is small but sound quality excellent.
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Earphones like those used on our walking tours. Good value - £10 for 20 earphones - post free Ideal for use in education, tour guiding, gyms and any situations where economy earphones are required Suitable for most electronic devices with a 3.5 mm jack Click ‘View Product’ and order as many as you like!
Positively Birmingham Audio In 2018 we are looking at offering audio tour systems similar to the ones used on our walking tours. Our experience grows each week with the use of these systems and how they can enhance presentations in busy or sensitive locations. The positive impact of the personal audio on our Birmingham tours has been huge and we are convinced that others can also benefit. For now we are offering bulk purchase of our earphones due to enquiries from people on our tours - especially those in education.