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2nd December Photocall and Grand Central Positively Birmingham Acme whistle
20th November

Coffee table book captures fantastic year for the city

Quotes from the Author

"In the 1990s I  was considered slightly odd taking photos of the modern city. Now it is great to see so  much  emphasis on photography in Birmingham."
"Sometimes when you come to a new city you are more  inquisitive than people that have lived here forever. When I came to Birmingham in 1978 I was excited by so much that I experienced."
"I decided to work on the 5th edition while on a family ski holiday in March  2015. I got home and set the  alarm clock for 5.25 am and have got up at that time every day since. You can't work up the energy to give up at that time in the morning! My hope was to try and produce this book for Christmas 2015 as I felt we need to celebrate so much  that has come to fruition in the city this year."
"I was so lucky with  the  couple of people I contacted at the start to discuss the project. They were encouraging and clearly excited about the project and gave me practical help and support."
"When people did not want to help me that was fine - I had more ideas than time anyway so I just moved on to the next assignment."
"Some in the public sector kept explaining to me how their budgets have been slashed and they had no money to do anything. My observation is; "Just get over it"."