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October 2015 ..... final proof then off to a printer!

Vue de Duras ... run by Fiona and Hugh who come from Birmingham. Weather amazing and just a short drive from Bergerac Airport!

We planned a week in a quiet part of the Dordogne a few months ago to get this book finished. I was lucky that it did no coincide with the opening of Grand Central. This is a great place to take things on and this includes:

A final proof read

Barbara works on chapter 5 in the shade

Barbara has not looked at the earlier proofs from the designer. That is the idea, as she will spot stuff that Raj and Mike have not picked up on. I go out for a run in the rather hilly countryside to prepare for the Birmingham Great Run and of course the '1664' is an essential part of the proof reading process!

Once Barbara has added her red ink then it is a final check against the 2nd proof by me. Meanwhile Mike is home  in Solihull looking at my draft index - and no doubt doing a final proof read of everything!

How Many to Print?

For this 5th edition it is really very difficult to know how many we should print. Everyone who hears about the book appears excited and it is the right time for Positively Birmingham to resurface. However we have not got a single order for the book yet. That makes things very tricky - previous editions had always had substantial orders before we decided the print run - often more than 2,000. Certainly this is by far the most 'entrepreneurial' edition we have produced....but that is part of the fun - you have to trust your own judgement and if you are wrong and over-order then live with the consequences - actually boxes!

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