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Friday  13 November  unlucky for some....

Thursday should have been perfect with the bulk delivery of the books to our warehouse in Birmingham. However it was not to be. Early copies were delivered to Birmingham on Wednesday 12th November. The binding looks amazing and the overall book has a great feel. It was all quite exciting


On closer inspection some pages of the book had issues in the spot colour. To cut a long story short some incompatibility between a constituent of the spot colour ink and the sealant has caused a reaction probably enhanced by the heat in the binding process. We saw this in the four sample copies and hoped against hope that it was not in the whole run. However upon taking delivery in Birmingham and opening a dozen boxes it was clear that this effect was in every copy.

Pulping a book....

It is a sad thing in the print industry that books are pulped. Indeed when books reach the end of their 'natural' sales period now they tend to be pulped rather than remaindered. That is one thing, but to look at 14 pallets of books that are newly delivered and lock the door on them is really quite sad. However, you soon get over it and especially when you have a book launch in two weeks with no book!

Positive Ways Forward

My print management team are great. Once we had assessed things then we started work on possible ways of getting back in control. Clearly we are not now going to be able to supply shops in advance of the official publication date. We have exactly three weeks until the launch and realistically we need books on Friday 27th November, possible but logistically very tricky.

We had placed around 2,000 books in shops for Christmas sales and that without really doing much selling. So, I have to decide how to redefine the delivery dates and still keep these orders, but clearly some are at risk as two weeks of the Christmas market is gone.

So, a very interesting situation and of course need to be careful what one says on a blog until until a path forward is seen. This is certainly a tester of ones inner self. While

This is an amazing book but looking at the copy I have beside me as I lie in bed and knowing they are scrap is really quite strange.